About us

Fadlor Holdings

Circa 1970, the family was in the business of making natural and handcrafted items.

Owing to the rapid industrialization, as factory made products started gaining importance, handmade items started losing its glory and slowly the venture came to an end.

Now with the world realizing the need for natural and handmade products, the brand was relaunched.

Operational from 2015, we presently offer 100 % natural & herbal hair and skin care products.


Our Brand Philosophy

Every thought, word and action our team makes is embodied and correlated through the 3 words.

Candid. Pristine. Effective.


Candid – Everything we use in our products is declared as we care for the Customers who use it, the Employees who make it and the Environment we live in.

Pristine – Our ingredients are sourced with integrity and are of the best quality that the Mother Nature can provide us with.

Effective – The formulations of our products are all proven on regular use and we are sure you can see the results over time.


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